About Me

Hello there! : ) How are you? I hope you are doing great today!

I’m Yavor Kirov or as friends call me “Yavo”.

So here’s more about me…

A Personal Development Junkie

  • Meditates daily
  • Huge fan of Leo Gura
  • Yes I did start with Tonny Robbins. I guess everyone starts out there
  • I keep changing my diet. I hopefully arrive at something promising soon. My last twist on it is get as much fruits as possible. From my latest findings humans seem to be frugivores. So yeah – a “fuel your car with the appropriate fuel” kind of situation.

My Girlfriend’s Lover

I live with my girlfriend in a small two-room appartment. The rest is personal matter : )

We often feed a street male cat. He’s very bold for a street cat. Gets in the house without invitation. Also at some point he found out we have a window. So sometimes he sits there and meows for food. Even when he’s just been fed…

A Professional Web Developer

You probably already know a thing or tho about this part of me from my blog, my forum posts or wherever you found me.

“The Try It All” Kind of Person

As my colleague and good friend Gogo stated these days I get easily into the hype. Good thing is a great percentage of my “hypes” end up very good.
Started in 2003 with HTML and CSS writing for the school website, went trough installing scripts, writing custom websites in “pure” PHP back in the day, then moved to CodeIgniter (another PHP framework), then to Laravel (and another one) and now spending my time in the JS universe with Node.js and Vue.js.

I have tried probably 10+ programming languages already just to have a feel of them. Probably the number of frameworks is even higher. I tend to settle for solutions that get the job done and are not overly complicated. I mostly a hardcore research + trial and error process.

I don’t have any repos that I support so far but I am active on GitHub whenever I find necessary.

A Retired Melomaniac

Spent 8 years playing the piano as a kid/teenager. So I can’t really concentrate when there is people talking around me. Maybe there’s a connection, or maybe there’s not but I really prefer quiet when programming. Research on programmers does actually show we are most productive in quiet environment so, I guess I am not alone.

  • My current playlist includes only 4 songs
    • Animals House of The Rising Sun
    • Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
    • Boston – More Than A Feeling
    • Poison – Every Rose Has It’s Thorn
  • I do like also:
    • celtic music,
    • video game soundtracks (I do love the music in World of Warcraft),
    • rock (QUEEN!)
    • and something more lively, latin music too, like reggaeton, bachata

But it all depends on my mood.

A Terry Pratchett Fan

I love how his heroes and heroines turn out to be regular people on the inside, despite all their superpowers and gifts. I believe it to be the case with people in the real world too.