JavaScript Learning Plan

We are building a (b-i-g) project here. Pretty much all JavaScript – frontend and backend.

This is fall fine but considering our skills need a bit of an upgrade we started looking for resources. And finding good resources online is no easy task.

We are going for Vue.js, Node.js+Express, Unit testing with Mocha and Sinon. We chose those tools because they are simple and get the job done.

So the process was first choose the tools, then find good tutorials and resources for those. Below is the list that we assembled over the last two months. You get it completely free. You may tank me later for the time I saved you by sharing 😉

I really hope you get something useful out of it. If you start and watch all of it, at the end you should have a pretty good understanding of the full stack…

# JavaScript Basics

  1. JavaScript Tutorial

  2. Object Oriented JavaScript

  3. ECMAScript 6

# Advanced JavaScript

  1. Course: All about NodeJS

  2. TutsPlus – JavaScript Unit Testing with Mocha, Chai and Sinon.

  3. Learn Vue 2: Step By Step

  • Johnny Driesen

    Thanks for this list, Yavor.
    I owe you (and your team)


    • You are welcome!

      Hope you get the most out of it 🙂

  • Johnny Driesen

    Hi Yavor,
    Thank you one more time for the links.
    Always interesting to have a new ‘view” on already known subjects’.
    Currently running with a speed of 1:25 through the courses.
    Intensive, but very interesting.


  • Juan Lamberto N

    I don’t know how to express how much thankful I am but this is really a great job you did!!
    keep it up