5 Easy Steps to install PhpMyAdmin on Homestead in Windows

1. Get PhpMyAdmin

Download PhpMyAdmin, pretty much any archive will do

2. Extract It

Go to the directory on your PC where your web project files live. For example this might be C:\htdocs\. Create a folder “phpmyadmin” in in and put the PhpMyAdmin files in it. So it all goes to C:\htdocs\phpmyadmin\


3. Edit Homestead.yaml

Go to C:\Users\YourUsername\.homestead\Homestead.yaml and edit it. You need to add the name of your new app (phpmyadmin.dev) and point to it’s path. After edits your Yaml file will look something like


4. Edit hosts file

Open Notepad as Administrator. Choose File -> Open… and paste¬†C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts as filename.¬†Then click Open. At the end of the file add:

(If you have homestead at another IP use the proper IP

5. Provision

in your homestead folder run


If you now wisit http://phpmyadmin.dev:8000 in your browser you should see your phpmyadmin installation.

Use the default credentials:

username: homestead

password: secret

to enter it.